Saturday, January 26, 2013

BMW i3



All new


BMW i3

                                 A megacity vehicle


  • The BMW i3 Concept with eDrive is an uncompromisingly sustainable vehicle designed for urban areas.

  • Driven purely by electric power and purpose-built to meet the demands of sustainable and emission-free mobility.

  •  It embodies an intelligent form of urban transportation and commuting.

  • When it comes to reinventing mobility, BMW i goes beyond principles of eco-minded and agile driving.

  •  The all-electric BMW i3 Concept Coupe is the latest beautifully-designed take on the upcoming megacity vehicle, setting a new standard for sustainable design and electric driving pleasure.





HONDA evils

 A all new


GEAR concept



HONDA Canada provided the world with the first look an ambitious project known

as the GEAR concept study model

-The vehicle demonstrates the company innovative approach to provides all automobile answers to the

  •  youth

  • urban

  • Gen-Y lifestyle

Inspired by the fixed gear bicycle's



GEAR provides a all new way of looking at the sub-compact vehicles

It is simple utilitarian customizable and fashionable which is its outlining usp.