Friday, October 5, 2012

A dream all set to turn into reality!!


BMW i8 Spyder

Remember, A stunner concept driven by Tom Cruise in MI 4 on Mumbai Roads in a chasing sean?
Ya u guessed it right, this is the one.....

  • Like most auto show concepts, the i8 Concept Spyder moves thanks to a combination of battery and engine -- namely a 96 kW electric motor tied to a 223-hp turbocharged three cylinder engine, for a total output of 354 hp.
  • Unlike most concepts, BMW pledges hard performance targets of 0-60 mph in      about five seconds,
  • Some 19 miles on electric power alone, 
  • A top speed of 155 mph and
  • Fuel economy of 94 mpg in European testing.
  • The latest evolution of BMW i-Series concepts wears an exterior that while still futuristic, represents a viable look at what BMW will build in two years.
  • When BMW chief designer Adrian von Hooydonk told us in Detroit the production i8s would strongly resemble the concepts, this -- the layered bodywork, the laser headlights and the tri-tone accents -- was what he meant. 
  • Even the i8 Concept Spyder's scissor doors look less showy than purposeful ...
  • That kind of performance was made possible by BMW's engineering efforts around the body, mating a carbon-fiber passenger cell to aluminum subframes for the engine and battery. Doing so, BMW claims, allowed it to eliminate the extra weight a plug-in hybrid system usually carries while maintaining the 50/50 front-rear weight split for handling that BMW owners rejoice in.
  • An BMW has programmed the system to choose front, rear or all-wheel-drive as it sees fit.


            Truly Futuristic

Possible cost for this elegant beauty  $100,000

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